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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

ESA Gives Thumbs Up to RCMP

Doug Lowenstein of the ESA and Danielle Labossiere Parr of the ESAC (Entertainment Software Association of Canada) have formally congratulated the RCMP on a bust they made in mid July at Pacific Mall in Markam, Ontario.

For years If anyone asked about counterfeit goods like designer hand bags, or fake Nike shoes you told them to go to Pacific Mall where they could pick up some merchandise cheap. Pacific Mall even became a modder paradise where you could get pirated versions of most games for current-gen consoles. The RCMP put a stop to that however with a massive bust seizing thousands of dollars worth of pirated games and DVDs. Now I support anti piracy initiatives because as a future game developer that's gonna be MY paycheck someday but as the Gamasutra article points out game retailer are the main victim losing money.

I support game development but retail gaming can suck my ass EB/Gamestop is pure evil. They devalue our product with their lousy trade in values and ridiculous policies. My local EB continues to sell games they shouldn't be. I once saw a kid shell out 30$$ for the Halo Map Pack which is available for free on XBL, they also continue to sell copies of Asheron's Call and MMORPG thats server is no longer online. I also know for a fact that my local EB sells Mature rated games to minors without even a second thought. Like Wal-Mart I say death to all who do more damage than good in the retail industry.


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