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Monday, June 26, 2006

Another Manic Monday

Greeting all you readers in Gamerville well on Friday I promised an announcement well here it is.

FtBU has been up for about a month to mild success, I have watched the readership grow despite the lack of subscribers no biggie as long as people are reading you don't need to subscribe. However I have recently started subscribing to some blog with Bloglines and I find it much easier to keep track of the goings on in the blogosphere with their software (yes that's a recommendation) However I digress, Brillulus and I have recently wrapped up our second term at design school and now we have some free time. Now aside from catching up on a ton of games I have yet to play and getting to know my new DS Lite, I can't think of any better way to spend my time off than by tweaking and improving FtBU.

So I open myself up to you the readers, what do you think that FtBU needs what would you like to see, more news, less news, more opinion and commentary, a new look for the site perhaps. I'm open to all ideas it's up to you the readers to let me know what you want to see on what I hope is your favorite place to read about video games. You can post suggestion or comments in the comments section (duh) or via email located in the side bar. I appreciate your feedback so don't hesitate until then.

Happy Gaming!


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