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Monday, July 03, 2006

Transformers X 2 = FUN!

If you're a 80s baby just like me you have been waiting, for everyones favorite cartoon war to come to the big screen again. No I'm not talking about GI Joe but rather the Stephen Spielberg produced real life/CG Transformers movie due in theaters sometime in 2007.

Directed by Michael Bay (The Rock, and Armageddon) there is serious potential that this movie might not suck. Which is my biggest fear but with Spielberg's money behind the picture and some quality action direction behind the camera the Transformers might even be better than the 1986 cartoon movie which taught all us kids about death and hope and the futility of war. Well get ready for twice the fun when the movie launches.

Like any other movie there will be a video game tie in that will launch the same day as the movie as announced at the Hollywood and Games summit last week.

I tell you the shit is gonna hit the fan if they screw up this story and don't say it's possible. I didn't think they could screw up X-men and well just watch the movies and see for yourself.


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