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Thursday, June 29, 2006

FtBU Back With a Vengeance!

Well after a short break and bunch of HTML changes I am proud to say that we are back and ready to take on the gaming world.

I asked all of you readers for feedback and got a few comments but nothing really constructive. I guess that means I'm doing things right and if not......TOUGH COOKIES!

So what's new aside from tweaking the look and adding a ton of subscription options I have added a new page to the FtBU universe "From the Bottom Up: Reviews" where you will now find all our game reviews as well as product reviews, but for all you gaming news with the commentary you love keep that feed reader tuned right here. You know it's kind of ironic I start a video game website during one of the worst video game droughts of the last ten years but I digress. I have also started my own personal blog for everything not related to video games "The World According to Mephis".

Well I hope everyone likes the changes I have made and will continue to read as I will continue to write. Oh one more thing. During the month of July FtBU will be running it's first ever contest and you could walk away with something special.

Happy Gaming.


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