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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Is There No End to Stephen Colbert's Geekdom UPDATE!

Awesome little video has been dug up by the crew at gamevideos. They managed to get a hold of a video of Stephen Colbert from the Mi6 Game Marketing Conference in San Francisco. Where he talk about his video games like World of ColbertCraft it's short but a good chuckle check it out for yourself.

*Gamevideos has now posted the full 93 second version of the colbert clip so i've updated the link*

I also heard a rumor as to why there is no Daily Show or Colbert Report on Friday nights.
Word on the street is that Stephen Colbert, John Stewart and others can't film the show on Fridays because they are busy.........Wait for it.........


I would love to play in that campaign but I don't know if they can handle ZOOK the great METAL BARD with his +5 Axe of Doom and 22 Charisma muhahahahahaha.

Have a good weekend everybody and stay tuned because From the Bottom Up has an important annoucment on Monday and it involves you the readers so until then remember one thing.

"Kill the Orcs, slay the Orcs, destroy the Orcs!" - 3 Inches of Blood


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