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Friday, June 30, 2006

Gaming Gets Classy

Is it just me or are the 3 console manufacturing companies (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo) creating a 3 tiered class system for gamers. There has always been competition in the console industry but never have all 3 consoles had such drastically different price points.

Upper class folks can shell out about 650$ for Sony's PS3. The middle class are happy with paying 399$ for an Xbox 360 and us lower class types can pick up a Nintendo Wii for about 249$. Each console seems to be going after a different market.

Now I grew up middle class and was only ever given one console (My NES thanks Nana) Every other game console my parents wouldn't buy for me be cause of the price. So I had to get a job and pay for them myself. Which was great way to me about financial responsibility.

I think the dynamic is changing some people used to be judged by the size of their televisions, or how nice their car is. It's seems that people's station in life will now be dictated by which game console they have in their living rooms. Unless you're like me and will sacrifice your left foot for all 3 next-gen consoles. Who needs a left foot anyway, as long as I have two hands let the games begin.


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