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Thursday, July 06, 2006

You Can't Escape the Blue Screen of Death

Run for your life the blue screen of death is coming to get you!

As the days go by I am finding it harder and harder to escape the clutches of Microsoft's dreaded error screen. For those not familiar with the "Blue Screen of Death" crash any Windows program and you shall be greeted by the now infamous blue screen. Being sick of this seeing this error message I decided to play some Halo 2.

So there I was playing a match-made game on XBL and everything was going fine until someone quit and BAM!! There is was again a different version but still a blue screen of death that repeats the words "Setting up game......setting up game........setting up game........."

Ahhhhh. Scared I turned off halo and put a CD in my player to listen to some tunes. Oh no the disk I put in was DD/MM/YYYY's album "The Blue Screen of Death" Is there no escape?

There are rampant rumours about Microsoft developing a portable handheld console so the blue screen will be able to follow you wherever you go.

The phrase "Blue Screen of Death" is slowly being ingrained in to our everyday culture. In casual conversation I mention "Blue Screen" and even those who know little or nothing about computers instantly know to what I am referring.

There is no way to truly escape the blue screen no matter how sick of it we get. Oh wait! You could get a Mac because they don't "crash". At least they don't call them crashes in the Mac world they call them "Forced Quits" but your Mac can quit till the cows come home and you will never be haunted by the infamous blue screen at least until you boot up the ole' PC or Xbox or soon to be Xboy.

Thanks to Joystiq for the neat little picture.


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