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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Handheld Fun In the Sun

Happy belated Canada Day to everybody, and today being the 4th of July happy Independence Day to all of you in the US. Well the weather is warm and tis the season for being outdoors and relaxing. I myself just got back from a brief stint at my parents cottage.

Back to the orders at hand. I saw an interesting video on Kotaku this afternoon
Jonas Hielscher a graduate student at Leiden University has devised a little app for his PSP that has you roam the area in search of wireless access points. This reminds me of a little hobby I have found my self doing on the streetcar here in Toronto. Since getting my DS lite when ever I am on the streetcar I enter the WiFi settings on my Lite and search for random access points and which maybe unsecured. I have been able to find tons from the center of King St. Some are secure requiring a WEP password but some are open and free to use but being on a moving vehicle they often move out of range once I search again.
One day I decided to try and search for an access point from my balcony and found one that was available but just slightly out of range. With all the wireless hot spots out there does this surprise anyone. Well the fun is in the hunt trying to find one that works and then exploiting their lapse in security for fun and games. Try it yourself with your PSP or DS see what you can find.

Happy hunting .


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