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Monday, July 17, 2006

Ich Bien Ein Zombie Lover

Everybody hates zombies, they're slow, ugly and almost always deadly especially while travelling in packs. Which is why gamers love pumping shotgun shell after shotgun shell in to they fleshy chest hoping that they may cease their relentless quest to devour all living flesh. Well I thought that everyone hated zombies and loved to kill them until now.

Capcom the company that brought you zombie kill fests Resident Evil through RE 4 has a new game launching this fall. Dead Rising allows you to kill zombies with just about anything you can get you hands on from soccer balls to patio umbrellas you can even put funny hats on them and take pictures. Capcom is preparing people for that inevitable day when the zombies come after us all unless you live in Germany.

Dead Rising maybe the first Xbox game to be banned in Germany due to it incredibly gory violence. Well kids have to learn how to kill zombies at some point or risk joining the massive horde themselves when it comes to their town. So boourns to Germany for banning this teaching tool and god help you when the T-virus gets out. What are you going to do when you kinder comes home screaming "Zombies ate my Neighbors!!!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with you that the game shouldn't be banned... what they should do is rate it fairly (even if that means a rating of 25+) and enforce it properly...

9:25 PM  

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