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Friday, July 28, 2006

Cheat Cheat

As someone who never cheats while playing online this video gives someone like me some insight. I really would like to thank the guy who made this video it kind of puts the whole cheating thing in persepective. I personally don't see the point in cheating, is it so you can say "Hahahaha I owned you sucker" Well that statement itself is flawed it wasn't you that beat the opponet it was the computer program that alowed you to succeed. My question to all the cheaters out there is it fun when you cheat? Where's the challenge? I'll never understand why people cheat during online play. I hope the guy that made this video does one for Halo 2 I would like to see what the modders see.


Blogger Chris Brill said...

and people find that fun? what is the point of playing the game if you're not truly playing the game the way it was meant to play? and by cheating, does this make the cheater a better player than the rest? I don't think so, since each player doesn't have access to the same information. In fact, I think that a cheater is a much worse player than almost anybody else if they have to resort to cheating to win...

2:14 p.m.  

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