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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rock Out With Nintendo Metal

Right on the heels of an article in this month's EGM, people have started to notice an influx of bands covering the soundtracks of games.

About a year ago my buddy Jordan (he plays keyboards in DD/MM/YYYY) showed me the website of a band from Europe that played what they call Nintendo Metal the band is Game Over an indi band that covers video game music with a nice metal slant . Oops scratch that they don't cover songs they are just inspired by them. They take classic VG music and make it there own with songs like "Little Mac's Confession" and "Transylvanian Temptation" Inspired by Punch-Out and Castlevania respectively. So far Game Over has released two albums their first simply titled "Nintendo Metal" released in 2002 and their second title "NESperado" released in 2006. For more info on Game Over you can check out their website

Secondly and more recently another band was brought to my attention they had blurb in EGM this month but were also featured on the 1UP Show. I'm talking of course about The Minibosses, a band that does brilliant covers of Nintendo songs. My favorite being their rendition of the Super Mario Bros. 2 themes. Right now the band is strictly limited to Nintendo songs but I hope they expand their repertoire in the future. Minibosses Music and Merch is available at and you can see some live footage on this weeks 1UP Show available at They also have a quick interview with's Luke Smith.

A couple months ago Jordan (mentioned above) invited me to a local video game tribute show with many bands doing covers of their favorite video games. DD/MM/YYYY was one of them doing some EarthBound songs as well as a cover of the Pac Man theme. Other bands played everything from Street Fighter songs to Megaman music. I think if you look pretty hard you can see some videos of the show on You Tube.

Video game music is hopefully here to stay because when I hear a wailing guitar screeching out the bubble man music from Megaman my heart just fills with joy.


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