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Monday, July 24, 2006

AMD Goes Ahead With ATI Aquisition

Let's talk microchips shall we.

I heard this morning that AMD is going ahead with the merger to acquire ATI. AMD is going to shell out about 5.4 billion for the graphics chip manufacturer.

Now I am no expert on computers or those magical green boards inside that do all kinds of crazy stuff but I do know that kick ass chips give us kick ass games. The PC game environment is currently closed to me like it always has been. Hey my little laptop does the job though with it's little Intel integrated graphics card. One of these days I'll get my hands on one of those sweet gaming PCs but what chips will be inside it? Intel or AMD processor? Nvidia or ATI graphics chips? I have not seen or heard anything touting one processor over the other but this changes when I ask anyone about GPUs (Graphics Processing Units). Everyone I have talked to about graphics chips has had nothing but problems with ATI chip sets not because the units themselves are no good but that the drivers never seem to work right. This maybe at an end.

This means that ATI could finally get it's drivers all in a row resulting in an easier and less stressful gaming experience for all those PC gamers out there. Could it be possible that in the future AMD's main competition Intel could merge with graphics giant Nvidia? This merger could breath new life into the fledgling PC game market? Or is this just another Canadian company being gobbled up by a bigger American firm.


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