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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wii Wii Wii

Well it finally happened we get our launch date, price and much much more.

Nintendo has held two press conferences over the last two days one in Japan and one at the world Nintendo Store in NY City. A ridiculous amount of Wii info has been pouring into gaming website all day well I thought I would sum it all up complete soup to nuts.

Wii Launch Date:
US and Canada Nov 19th 2006 (Mark your calendars)

Wii Price Info:
The Console it self will cost you about 250$ US. First party games will go for 50$ a Wii-mote is about 40$ the nunchuck about 20$.

What 250$ Gets You
A Wii console, 1 Wii-mote with nunchuck, Wii Sports

Virtual Console Jazz
20$US gets you 2000 Wii-points, 24$ CDN gets you the same
NES games will go for about 5$ SNES for 8$ and N64 for 10$ about the same as reported earlier

Other Wii Tidbits
  • Wii will not support DVD-playback. (Good I haven't put a DVD in a game console since I burnt out my first Xbox)
  • First party Wii games to be region free (Just like the DS.... yippee I love playing games in Japanese, I love not having a clue what's going on)


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