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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Why IGN Sucks: Part IV the conclusioning

Well it's been a great week poking fun at one of the web's largest gaming websites especially since we are one of the webs smallest gaming websites. Hehehehe take that Goliath! Anyway I have saved the best reason for last, in fact this was actually the straw that broke the camel's back with me after I found this out IGN lost all credibility in my eyes. Enjoy!

Reason Number 4: They are owned by FOX

Fox Interactive to be precise a wholly owned subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. Yup that's right IGN is the Fox News of the Internet gaming world. Now most people who pay attention know that News Corp. owns a lot of stuff including but not limited to the US presidency. (Buzz Zing!) Now is it bad to be owned by a large corporation? Not really, and EGM are owned by publishing giant Ziff Davis Media, GameInformer is owned by EB Games/Gamestop and they do alright but anything owned by News Corp. has this kind of evil slant to it. Simply because Murdoch can dictate contact, we have started seeing this with another recent News Corp. acquisition Users who have put up content contrary to Murdoch's wishes have found their pages deleted missing, or locked. I wish I could say the same for IGN but if we're not meant to see it we never will, therefore the evidence is hard to find. Consider this you don't see a lot of IGN editorial pieces about video game laws put forth by republican senator's being overturned by Doug Lowenstien now do you?

Well that concludes our 4 part series "Why IGN Sucks" I hope everybody enjoyed it but I do have a couple things to say. I do not write this to sway your opinion. If you read theses articles and decide to agree me great! but make the decision for yourself not because some guy in Toronto told you to. That's what Stephen Colbert and Bill O'Riley do. All I ask is that you keep your eyes open and be media literate and don't believe everything you read. You know what they say "If you read it on the Internet it HAS to be true" I'm talking to you Wikipedia. Well that's all got, besides It's time for me to get a BLT and go bear hunting.


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