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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Run for your Life! It's Doug Lowenstein!

There is a man, a man of great power and great responsibility. He is a defender of freedom a defender of video games he is the ESA's super hero Doug Lowenstein a.k.a THE OVERTURNER!!!

This week on The Overturner: Overtuner vs. The State of Minnesota

Gamasutra reported the other day that our hero has filed suite against the state of Minnesota to overturn another law that puts the government in a position normally reserved for parenting. This law seems particularly ridiculous fining young people for purchasing or renting "Mature" or "Adults Only" rated games. How on earth is a 10 year kid going pay a fine? That's like fining a homeless guy. No income = no payment.

If Doug Lowenstein wins this one he'll be 7 for 7. Why do states keep passing these laws that are eventually overturned for violating the First Amendment? Aren't there bigger issues like high gas prices or soldiers and civilians dieing overseas. Not only does Lowenstein get these laws struck down but he than sues the state government to recoup money spent on fighting these stupid laws. You tax dollars at work people.

A smart man once told me "Doug Wins...... FATALITY!


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