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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Nintendo DS Lite North American and European Launch Details

The wait is almost over. Those lucky gamers in Japan and other parts of Asia have been enjoying this brilliant little hand held since march. Come mid-June however the rest of the world will be finally able to enjoy Nintendo DS games on a stylish slimed down version of the original Nintendo DS One gripe though. What? No black DS in North America? Well take notes and get yours while you can.

North America

Launch Date:
June 11th 2006

Polar White


USD 129.99$
CAD 149.99$

Best Buy, Future Shop, EB Games/Gamestop, Target, Wal-Mart and
Get Games

Europe & UK

Launch Date:

June 23rd 2006

Polar White & Enamel Black


EURO 149.99€
GBP 99.99£

Don't know any but if you do let me know


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