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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Microsoft Sketchy On Vista

If you read the press releases it would seem that Microsoft is really excited about their new operating system but I remain skeptical. If you read between the lines you might actually see that Microsoft is not entirely convinced of Vista's success. How can I draw such a conclusion when all we hear from Microsoft is about how great Vista is going to be for gaming? Simple, three words..... Halo 2 exclusive.

Halo: CE for the PC will run on any operating system as long as you meet the requirements, this gave our first taste of Halo online multiplayer. Then Halo 2 launched for the Xbox and a giant was born. So why not allow anybody the PC to do so play Halo 2 without Vista?

What other reason is there to upgrade you OS? I think Microsoft finally hit it's stride with Windows XP after suffering through Windows ME and Windows 2000. I'm very happy with XP it does almost everything I need it to.

I have also heard speculation that DirectX 10 will also be Windows Vista exclusive. I think that developers just won't develop for DirectX 10 . The beauty of developing for PC is that anybody can do it. What's next Microsoft? Are you going require a license to develop for Vista?

Well we shall shall see.


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