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Monday, June 05, 2006

Alan Kotok 1940-2006

My fellow gamers one of the grandfathers of our industry passed away last week. Alan Kotok was one of the MIT students who back in the 1960s designed one of the first video games "Spacewar" for MIT's PDP-1 computer. Now his contribution to "Spacewar" may have been minimal he did however inspire main programmer and notorious procrastinator Steve Russell to finish writing the program that would go on to inspire another father of the game industry.... Nolan Bushnell.

Before leaving MIT Kotok made another impact on the world of computer gaming by being involved in the design of one of the first computer chess programs. After leaving MIT Kotok began a 34 year career at Digital Equipment where he was chief-architect of the PDP-10 family of computers. He also had Impacts on this lovely thing we call the world wide web. Remember Alta Vista? The search engine? I used it once in grade 8, Kotok was a major consultant on that project.

Kotok shows us that you can inspire an industry even if you did mean to. Well Alan thanks for everything and rest in peace.

Want to play "Spacewar" the game that sparked a media revolution?

well you can ---> here


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