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Friday, June 02, 2006

Ass Backwards

Over the past two days I have seen a couple of news stories pointing to an interview with Microsoft VP Peter Moore where he talks about the future of the Xbox gaming console.
what shocked me is that Moore says that "Nobody is concerned anymore about backwards compatibility" Of course people are concerned about backwards compatibility. Now this may not be a system selling feature but it is definitely an awesome bonus. Sony seems to be the only company who has been able to do this feature right.

You can play any PlayStation game on your PS2 and word on the street is that you will be able to play all your PlayStation and PS2 games on Sony's new PS3 when it launches later this year or early next year. Backwards compatibility is definitely useful It saves space in your living room you can play many generations of games on one console.

Nintendo is also banking on this feature and they are taking it even further with the Nintendo Wii's "Virtual Console" feature. Which will allow users to download games from any Nintendo generation, NES, SNES, and N64 in addition to Wii's ability to play current-gen GameCube titles. Now I grew up playing games during Nintendo's console domination years, so the ability to recapture my youth is awesome even my girlfriend is super excited about the prospect of playing Super Mario 3 without huffing and puffing into our ancient and discoloured NES console.

I think Microsoft is really shooting themselves in the foot with this. It seems that Microsoft is more concerned with all that 1080p, HDMI, HDTV nonsense than they are about providing the best game experience possible. I don't know about you but I play all my video games on a 32 inch non-flat TV and I think they look just fine. We'll save the HDTV argument for another time.

I have quite a few Xbox game and when I upgrade to the Xbox 360 I may still want to play those games with having to drag out that massive black brick Microsoft calls a console. I hope the powers that be give Peter Moore a nice slap upside the head and say listen to your audience!....Idiot.


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