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Sunday, June 04, 2006

I Think I'm Done With Halo 2

Growing up my parents never really gave a crap about technology or the internet so a high speed broadband connection or top of the line computer were never at home in my house. My parents bought a computer that did the job and normally had basic internet service. So when I finally got my own place last January I pulled out all the stops. I signed up for the fastest internet connection available and jumped right into the crazy world of Xbox Live.

I soon discovered that there were a lot of games on Xbox Live but not many of them were very fun with the exception of Microsoft and Bungie's crown jewel Halo 2 I had played it online at a couple of friends house and it felt like crack I wanted to play more. So it was one of the first titles I bought for my shiny new Xbox Live connection. It took a little bit but I started improve before I knew it I was a level 26 and pretty decent. One late night on halo turned into another before I knew it I was playing way too much Halo.

So it's now six months later and I just don't find it fun anymore. The same old maps the same old guys who have de-leveled and like to pick on players who aren't a good as them. Same old everything. Now it is amazing that a game that came out over 2 years ago can still offer new experience for new players also six months of replay value for 19.99 is awesome. I have just reached the point where I crave something new. Well I have Halo 3 to look forward to but I am a little concerned on how fresh the next installment of the series might be. Well here's for some Halo innovation.


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