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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

to be HD or not to be HD

Is HD the wave of the future? Well it really depends on who you ask. Sony and Microsoft are saying yes and including HDMI outputs on their next gen consoles. However word on the street is that the Nintendo Wii will not support HDTV outputs.

Now I understand why you would want an HDTV to play your games on especially if you're a big graphics whore and want the best picture possible, but for simply watching TV I don't see the point unless you're really into National Geographic or Discovery Channel shows. Do you really need 5000$ worth of detail to watch American Idol?

I am not against HDTV I just don't see the point, how good are things supposed to look? I hear things like "Man you can see the sweat coming off people's forehead" My response to that. "Ewwww I don't want to see the sweat dripping off that 400 pound lady on Jerry Springer. I already think that network TV is crap except for a couple of shows like House or CSI but again what do you need the extra detail for? CSI already zooms the camera in to a microscopic level. Can you say redundant?

I got to school in the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) building in downtown Toronto, Ontario and they have HDTV's set up in the lobby so you can watch CBC programs in HD. Last week I stared at an episode of the Simpsons for like 20 minutes just trying to see if the picture looked any better than my TV at home and I honestly didn't see any difference. If anyone can tell me if HDTV has changed their life please email me or leave a comment.

If you really want HD you don't need to look any further than your own eyeballs. "Hey look I can see every hair on my girlfriends head" As she sits next to me on the couch while we play Lego Star Wars on our lovely 32 inch, non-flat, I guess old school low-def TV and that's all I'll ever need.


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