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Monday, June 12, 2006

Great! Now it Sucks to Live in Oklahoma

This morning I was browsing the news at and came across the story about Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry signing a new anti-video game bill into law HB30004 to be exact. Now many states have passed anti-video game laws mostly banning or restricting the sale or rental of "Mature" or Adults Only" games but Oklahoma's new law seems to have thrown the ESRB ratings out the window and come up with their own definition of restricted content.

Here's the definition according to
"This definition considers inappropriate any game which lacks serious
literary, scientific, medical, artistic or political value and which
features glamorized or gratuitous violence; uses that violence to shock or
stimulate; features violence that is not contextually relevant to the
material; has violence so pervasive that it serves as the thread holding the
plot of the material together; trivializes the serious nature of realistic
violence; does not demonstrate the consequences or effects of realistic
violence; uses brutal weapons designed to inflict the maximum amount of pain
and damage; endorses or glorifies torture or excessive weaponry, or depicts
lead characters who resort to violence freely."

Wow that sounds like half of the games out there. Well kiddies No GTA or Conker's Bad Fur Day for you. You should stick to Loco Roco and the Bible Game or face a hefty fine. Read the last line of that definition again, characters that resort to violence freely? So boxing, wrestling, football, and hockey games are out? I guess that's OK because no one in Oklahoma cares about football anyway. GO CORN HUSKERS!!!!!!!!

Just watch your back's kids of Oklahoma the thought police are coming for you. Unless you're "double plus good"


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