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Friday, June 09, 2006

How to Get Your Own Nintendo RPG

Apparently it's not so tough being a video game character these days. Every video game character has one desire from birth err creation and that is to have a staring role in their own game. Some characters are giving a staring role right from the get go. The work of Samus Aran comes to mind along with Link and his ongoing role in the legend of Zelda series.

How common is it for an extremely secondary character to be given a shot at the big time with his own adventure. Well it has happened before Yoshi got his own game after a strong showing in Super Mario World, but Nintendo's new star was even more secondary than Yoshi. I'm talking about everyone's favorite (except mine) wannabe fairy and map maker Tingle.

IGN reports that Tingle will be getting his own RPG adventure for the Nintendo DS, but how did he make it to the big time? Well for all you video game characters out there just follow my step by step guid.

How to get your own Nintendo RPG

Step 1: Appear as an annoying character in an innovative adventure game along side a major star.

Tingle's first appearance was in The legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask where he sold Link maps of dungeons and that of the overworld. Sold? Selfish asshole Link was trying to save the world and you have the balls to charge him for you silly maps? The nerve!

Step 2: Make it to the sequel.

Tingle also appeared in the GameCube cell shaded adventure The legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, again charging for maps. Bah get out of here you silly half assed fairy.

Step 3 : Be memorable...... and cute

As annoying as I found Tingle did offer a little comic relief him wanting to be a fairy when he is clearly fat out of shape and lakes the ability to fly or restore Link's helth. Who could forget his adorable catch phrase "Oooooh Looooom PAAH!"

Step 4 : Settle for handheld

Not big enough for his own game on the Wii Tingle will have to settle for his own title on the Nintendo DS. You'll make it to the big time someday Tingle but for now baby steps.

I hope you have enjoyed this guide on how to get your own Nintendo RPG just follow these easy steps and then watch the cash role in. Maybe someday Tingle will be able to afford that Fairaplasty and become a real fairy just like he's always wanted.


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