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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Political Games

Holy damn! It has been sooooo long. I feel bad but hey I'm trying to build a career here. Yes been busy blah blah blah I won't bore you with the details or apologies. You shall see the fruits of my labor soon enough. Regardless just thought I would weigh in on the events of yesterday's MID-TERM ELECTIONS.

Well lets see....... Oh look! It would appear that Joe"I hate video games" Lieberman was re-elected to his senate seat despite losing his party's support earlier this year in the Connecticut primary. I guess miracles do happen....... for those who don't deserve them. Well maybe Hilary"Gamers are sinners"Clinton lost her senate seat. (checks paper......smashes head on desk) Ahhhhhh who am I kidding she'll probably get elected President in 2008. Wait! That's it! If Clinton is too busy with her run for the White House she just might not be able to take those phone calls from Jack Thompson. Also she's gotta keep Bill busy with something. You know Hilary, Bill likes jublies and there are plenty of pixelated jublies in GTA:San Andreas.


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