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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Here Wii Go!

It was a chilly November morning as Brill and I walked along the shore of lake Ontario.

Destination: Ontario Place, Nintendo Wii pre-launch event
Time: 10:00am
Mission: To play, experience ask about Nintendo's new entry into the console market and to bring our findings back to you.

As Brill and I walked up to the entrance my red scarf waving behind me in the wind I realized that not only did we stand on the forefront of innovation in gameplay but we also stood on the brink of our first press event. Nervous we took a deep breath and delved into a world we had only read about.

As we entered we were greeted by a statue of every-one's favorite "Hero of Time" Link. After signing in we looked around just to see what we would be playing. I soon realized that I was in the same room as other journalists I have only seen on TV including Electric Playground's Victor Lucas. But you guys don't care about that, get to the games. First there was brief intro speech by Nintendo of Canada GM Ron Bertram his speech consisted of the companies goals with the Wii and the future of the console. After Ron's short speech it was time to play. Brill and I got some hands on experience with games like Wii Sports, Call of Duty 3, SpongeBob SquarePants: TCFKK, ExciteTruck, and of course Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. (More in depth impressions of these game will be coming later)

After we tried out some games came the crown jewel of our day which was an interview with NoC Marketing Manager Farjad Iravani which I will be posting later. All in all a successful day and we here at FtBU are now even MORE excited about the console's launch which happens this Sunday. Now this event was one of the first in a busy week here in Toronto. The PS3 launches this Thursday and the Wii on Sunday but this weekend there is also a "Games Summit" planned which will take place at Young and Dundas Square in downtown Toronto so keep your eyes on the feed because we are just getting started.


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