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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Starry Starry Night

Last night during Monday Night Football was the debut of the brand new 60 second Halo 3 commercial. If you haven't seen it yet here it is.

I have read a couple of mixed reviews of the commercial so I thought that I would throw in my two cents.

As for the kids at the begging I get the point but for Halo it was really unnecessary they could have just shown the Halo 3 logo for 25 seconds and it probably would have garnered more of a response. Dramatic and action packed (well at least at the end) we also got our first glimpse at a new type of grenade the "Shield Grenade" and a new Convanent race. All in all the ad was successful in fact not a single member of my Halo2 community could log on to to register for the public beta because there was so much traffic. In conclusion I must say that I like this game ad more than that stupid "Mad World" Gears of War commercial that has been playing round the clock. To reiterate a previous comment "DAMN YOU CLIFFY B!!!!!"


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